Quik-Sand  is Winnipeg's original safety sand company. Our products have been imitated but never duplicated! We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality products combined with prompt, reliable, and cost effective service to keep your property protected.

Mechanical Parking Lot Sanding

Mechanical sanding is quoted and priced per lot. We can work as an on-call service or set up a monthly contract to be done automatically anytime your lot is icy.

Snow Clearing

When it's winter in Winnipeg there's snow! Let us clear your parking lot for you. We can clear and pile snow or clear and haul it away. Please call or email for your free quote!

Quik-Grip Granite®

  • Angular cut granite bites into ice giving extra grip
  • Distinct "deep purple" colour attracts sunlight, promoting  embedding into and melting of icy surfaces
  • Premium DUST FREE product, produced to our exacting standards
  • ideal for store fronts and commercial business
  • Environmentally friendly. safe for vegetation, pets, & humans
  • delivered in 57-gallon poly drum with tight closing lid, secured with a bungee strap


  • Sand/Salt mixture
  • Will not freeze even in the coldest conditions
  • Ideal for loading docks and industrial properties
  • Delivered in a 57-gallon poly drum with tight closing lid, secured with a bungee strap

Quik-Melt Pro®

  • Strongest ice melter on the market
  • Ideal for when you need ice GONE QUIK
  • Rated for use to -49°c
  • Extremely strong natural chemical compound
  • Free of any fillers, sand, or rock salt
  • Available in 5 gallon (18kg) pail
  • Available in 57 gallon poly drum with scooper

Want to place an order or have questions about our products or services?

Call the office at (204)888-2799 or E-mail us at Sales@quiksand.ca